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Welcome at Twincopter World

Welcome to Twincopter. We develop and sell kits for remote controlled (RC) helicopters. We are currently coming online with production and our website. Once we have finalized documentation, our shop will be open for purchasing. Please check back occasionally for news and updates!

Piasecki H-21

This is our newest product. The H-21 is a heavy helicopter developed by Piasecki Aircraft Corporation. It was developed back in 1946 in the United States. Officially called "WorkHorse" in the United States, it is generally more known for its "flying Banana" nickname.


This helicopter, derived from the smaller and lighter HRP-2, made its first flight on April 11, 1952. In its days it beat several records of altitude and speed. The H-21 was a great military success, because it was a machine of large capacity and an unquestionable reliability.


The main users of this machine were US Army, US Navy, Germany, France (Army and National Marine), Japan and Sweden.

The Flying Banana was used by the US Army in the early years of the Vietnam war for the transportation of troops to combat, but also by the US Navy for missions of research and rescue (SAR: Search And Rescue).